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New Rescue or Destroy 

Creation Through Destruction

Rescue or Destroy Weekly Challenge  

Ok so this is how it works.  Every week I will be putting up a work of art and asking you if it is worthy to hang on your walls. If someone buys it, then it’s rescued. If no one buys it, then it is destroyed. Simple.

The art-work below will have seven days for you to rescue it. After those seven days, it will be destroyed! Each piece of artwork has its lifespan below the picture. 

The value of each work is what I would ask for from a gallery. Since I am not currently represented by a gallery, I am subtracting their percentage. Of course this will change as soon as I am represented by a gallery again.

If you click on the link on the pictures, it will take you to my E-store 

Rescue or Destroy

Let the games begin! 

All proceeds go to Childhood Fractured

Ending Child Sexual Abuse Through Contemporary Art 

destroer 55 copy.jpg
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