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New Rescue or Destroy Mission  

Creation Through Destruction

Raising money for Childhood Fractured 

Working to end child sexual abuse through 

contemoprary art

Chicago Contemporary Artist Allen Vandever, The axe man, ax man, tophat axe


Rescue or Destroy for a cause - Artist Allen Vandever Created Rescue or Destroy as a precursor to starting his nonprofit Childhood Fractured

with the intent of building a large platform to get his message to more people. Along with creating a bigger audience Rescue or Destroy talks about the when tramatic events happen you can take the broken parts and put them back to gather to create something even more beautiful. 50% of art work sold will go to Childhood Fractured or other nonprofits featured at events.


Note for artist that would like to be part of Rescue or Destroy

It is very important to not get to attached to objects . That includes your art work. Maybe it's even more important with your art if you hold it to dear it will hinder your progress.


I bet some of the art work you have created has ended up in the land fill. I have personally cleaned out all of my old work for Rescue and Destroy and the best part is over 90% of them have ended up on peoples' walls. When I have put up good work it was rescued at real prices. One of the best things about Rescue or Destroy is that it is fun. It's not just another art opening . People really get engaged with the art and it brings up some serious conversations.


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